Friday, 4/29/16

I should begin recording my thoughts as I drive around my normal routes, noting changes and mentally writing blogs, which I then forget completely when faced with a blank, white page.  One thing has me so disappointed!  Some of you have been with me when I’ve pointed out, with glee, the old dump trunk rusting away beside the main road with a fully grown tree growing happily between the cab and the trailer.  I kept meaning to stop and get a picture of it and combine it with others of rusting cars and equipment that seem to litter front yards around here for a pictorial called Leave It Where It Lays.  Well, a few days ago all the weeds and volunteer trees were cleaned out of the yard where the old truck sits.  Before long I expect to see the truck and the falling-down trailer next to it disappear, too.  The area is near the road in front of the largest church in Tuckasegee.  My guess is the church finally acquired this piece of property and is cleaning it up.  And I missed my chance at a picture that captures a junky, but picturesque representation of the area.

One of the pictures below was taken last Saturday at the Greening Up the Mountains festival. From my vantage point in the Democratic Women’s tent I enjoyed watching the passing festival goers.  This guy absolutely won “Best Hair.”

Right here I am going to try to recreate the large paragraph about the movie that disappeared when my cursor jumped around again.  Tech Support:  I need help with this!!

So, I am not going to be a movie star.  Filming is scheduled to begin on Monday and I’ve heard nothing from Billboard Extras.  I’m so disappointed!  I did hear tonight that an acquaintance, Nilofer Couture, DID get the call.  (large picture of a group of people, far right).  Also, another young man, whom I have been asked not to name, was asked to stand in as a policeman.  He would be perfect, but he’s afraid his full-time job won’t allow him the time.  I will just have to hang around town as much as possible, spying on the action and hunting for stars.  Woody Harrelson has been spotted in Asheville playing chess in a park.

They have already been filming some stuff in Black Mountain, another cute town east of Asheville.  This is where they have set up the titular 3 billboards.

Around Sylva they are finishing up the transformation of the consignment furniture store to the Ebbing Police Department.  Signage just went up today and they have even renamed the local newspaper.

If it doesn’t rain before they start filming, all their outdoor shots will probably have a hazy appearance.  The pollen is really thick.  There’s no way they’ll be able to keep their camera lenses from collecting a film of yellow dust in no time.  Of course, since it hasn’t rained much at all in April, now,  that filming is about to begin May will probably be a complete washout!  Meanwhile, it has been hot and dry.

Sat., 4/23: Low 51.6, High 73.0, Rain 0.01″, Wind 4.0 mph.  Sun., 4/24: Low 43.9, High 83.0, sunny, light wind.  Mon., 4/25:  Low 51.1, High 78.6, pc, 3.0 mph.  Tue., 4/26: Low 57.0, High 81.3, pc, 6.4 mph.  Wed., 4/27: Low 57.4, High 78.6, pc, 4-6 mph.  Thu., 4/28: Low 59.7, High 81.7, Rain 0.03″, Wind 9.8 mph.  Fri., 4/29: Low 58.3, High 84.9, sunny, Wind 4.0 mph.



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