Sunday, 5/8/16

In the past week, while I have not been blogging, the people at Word Press who encourage people to blog more often have started a series where they post one word as a suggested topic for a blog post.  Today’s word is STROLL.  My mind immediately starts singing the song and dance from the 50’s that were so popular at American Bandstand.  “Come let’s stroll-0-0-0l, stroll across the floor-or-or-or-or.”  Check this out:

The facial expression — total disinterest indicating super coolness — is essential to the dance!

I had every intention of strolling through town in the latter days of last week, spying on the movie making and trying to get good pictures of my own.  I was otherwise busy on Monday and Tuesday, and on Tuesday night a friend sent me an article that included the filming dates, which did not include the next 3 days!  Last week they filmed on Monday and Tuesday, then took off.  They start again this coming Tuesday and I WILL be there!  Meanwhile, the remake of Dirty Dancing stayed in WNC after all because they were too far along in their planning to move when NC’s offensive “bathroom bill” was enacted.  Word came out that they, too, were looking for more extras, but they only wanted brunette women.  Hmph!  Here are some pics and links from local newspapers and TV stations:

This clip showed up on Facebook.  Woody stopped into the music/vaping shop next door to the Ebbing Police Department where he was allowed to try out a vintage Gibson.

I just can’t believe I’m missing all the good stuff!  I must go strolling in wonderland.

A cold front came through last week and for a couple of days it was more like March than May.  It has been very windy for at least four days, although it’s calmed down tonight.  The trees are fully green, but there’s still plenty of pollen zooming around on these winds.  It’s itchy eye time!  We had some rain last week, but not nearly enough.  After only 2 1/2″ in all of April, we are now officially in a “light drought.”  I have 9 days of weather records to report, so here goes.

Sat., Apr. 30:  Low 58.8, High 79.3, Rain 0.64″.  Sun., May 1:  Low 60.6, High 78.1, Rain 0.37″, Wind 7mph.  Mon., May 2:  Low 57.9, High 78.1, Rain 0.64″, Wind 6.5mph.  Tue., May 3:  Low 58.8, High 70.0, Rain 0.16″.  Wed., May 4:  Low 47.8, High 65.8, Rain 0.04″, Wind 7mph.  Thu., May 5:  Low 42.6, High 54.3, Rain 0.02″, Wind 13.2mph.  Fri., May 6:  Low 43.2, High 60.6, partly cloudy, Wind 8-10mph.  Sat., May 7:  Low 46.0, High 72.7, Sunny, Wind 10-12mph.  Sun., May 8:  Low 59.9, High 80.1, Sunny, Wind 11mph.

My rhododendron bushes are blooming.  I tried to do some gardening, mostly yanking out weeds and spreading some mulch, but the wind blew all the dirt right back onto me.  It was not very productive.




4 thoughts on “Sunday, 5/8/16

  1. You need a trip to the beautician in downtown Sylva and become a brunette for a few days. How about Subaruby? No car chase scenes in the movie?

  2. Sorry to be so slow to respond. Busy times around here. If there are any car chase scenes, they are not being filmed in Sylva. In my next post I will describe the use of extras — people and cars — that I observed this week.

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