Thursday, 5/19/16

It seems an impossible task to catch up on all that’s happened since my last post.  Everything around here is fine.  I have been unusually busy with Party activities and with helping to produce a 4-page color newsletter that’s going out to nearly 3,000 people.  It’s a big job when you’re working with equipment better suited to home use and and a rotating crew of volunteers.  It’s pretty good though or, as one of our managers said, “Better than decent.”  Jackson County may be quite a ways from the Pineapple of Power in Raleigh, but you may have heard that North Carolina has been doing some crazy things lately and people in all the corners of the state need to work hard to change the current leadership.  So, in about 2 months, we’re going to start on another newsletter!

Since I have been spending so much time working in Sylva, I have taken every opportunity to drive or walk down Main Street to check out the activity on the film site.  Two times I had lunch at Lulu’s at the outside table with the best view of the Ebbing Police Department across the street and 1/2 a block down.  Unfortunately, Woody Harrelson seems to have finished up his scenes before I got there and Frances McDormand hasn’t been seen since Day 1.  Peter Dinklage’s involvement remains a big mystery.  I did see Sam Rockwell doing a scene where he walked across the street.  Woohoo!  I also, inadvertently, walked into a scene just as they were about to start filming.  Someone who was supposed to stop foot traffic missed me as I started to walk across the street.  I had paused to snapp a few pictures when I heard someone yelling, “Get Back!”  What?  Who me?  Oops, sorry!  So I retraced my steps and stood just behind the line of sight for the cameras.  The scene was actually taking place inside the Police Department, but they were controlling both the auto traffic and the foot traffic.  The walking extras would cross the same intersection I had intruded on, looking bored and boring.  Then they would turn around and walk back.  Then again, although sometimes the Street Director would change up the order, the pairings or the bags they were carrying.  The same sort of activity was happening with cars.  Each day 5 or 6 cars were chosen as extras, different ones for each day.  They would drive slowly past the Police Department, being variably spaced by a Car Extra Director.  Since Main St. is one-way, they would go around the block and return to the intersection where they would used both lanes (the road was blocked for regular traffic) to shuffle their positions so they could go again.  So each take will be just a little different in terms of what’s happening   outside the front windows of the station house.  And maybe one take will have an aging lady in a turquoise jacket stopping to take a picture on her mobile phone.  🙂

I do seem to keep missing all the really fun stuff, like big stars and stunt shots.  The building right across from the Police Dept. is also being used.  Normally the Jackson General Store, it is now masquerading as Ebbing Advertising.  One day a stuntman or woman rolled out of the 2nd floor window and across the awning into an open truck full of boxes.  Another stand-in was lying in the street “dead.”  As far as I can tell from pictures in the local newspaper and posted by locals on Facebook, this person who falls out the window is a young, slight actor named Caleb Jones.  Yesterday was the beginning of the end as they started doing night filming.  They are burning down the Ebbing Police Department.  Someone throws a Molotov cocktail out the upstairs window of Ebbing Advertising and burns up the Police Department.  I would have loved to have stayed in town to watch this, but after working all day, my energy was used up.  I did drive by while they were setting up some unusual looking equipment.  Today the Police Department looked perfect and pristine again.  Movie magic!  After tomorrow, everything will go back to normal and we will wait impatiently for the movie release next year.  They should have a premier here!

Hey, Truckasaurus!  Tonight Colbert was doing a sketch about the “presumptive Republican candidate” and speculating on his running mate.  Up comes a picture of a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex called “Trumposaurus.”  Sue them for stealing your name!

I don’t feel like typing out 10 days worth of weather records.  We have been as cold as 40 degrees and as warm as 83 degrees.  Many days were very windy and there has been less than 1/2 inch of rain in the last 10 days.  I have used the furnace and the air conditioner, the fireplace and the ceiling fans.  It keeps me busy!

A few of the following pictures are mine, some are from the Sylva Herald and some are from my friend, JC.  Out-of-town readers:  don’t you wish you were here?




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