Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Yes, Trucka, I am still here.  Busy enough to have little energy left for blogging.  In fact, I spent all of today writing posts for the jacksondems website and I still need to get out a newsletter.  We did get the printed newsletter out to almost 3,000 addresses a week ago.  That took a lot of concentrated effort by a lot of people, so a full week off was required.

The movie people are pretty much gone.  They were given 2 weeks to put the adapted parts of town back to normal, so they should be finished this week.  Their second night of burning had a little more impact than the first.  At some point smoke was seen coming out of the 2nd story windows and the fire department turned out with all its equipment.  Afterwards the bricks on the front of the building were definitely scorched, but there was little real damage done to the building.  Within a day the Ebbing signs were gone.  It makes me sad!  The movie making was so much fun!  The owners of the music store next to the “Police Department” said in a newspaper article that they were only really aware of the filming on the day Frances McDormand did take after take of a scene in which she bellowed “You will f***ing die!”  The location manager who “found” Sylva has been reported as predicting an Oscar nomination for McDormand, so if they don’t mess it up between now and the film’s release, maybe Sylva will become even more famous for its roll in a great film.

Scorched SH

Well, my computer just deleted an entire paragraph again.  The touch pad is so large that it’s impossible to type without brushing it occasionally and it has a tendency to do things like make the cursor jump around and to highlight big chunks of text and then delete them the minute you touch another key.  If you are a touch typist, as I am, you are not watching the screen or the keyboard all the time and it’s so easy to destroy your work.  I have just gone into the Control Panel and disabled the touch pad.  It’s something that needs to be done everyday and it’s usually been too much trouble, but I think I must get in the habit of doing it whenever I turn on the computer.  The new computer has been wonderful, except for this problem.  The old one had a tiny dot in the corner of the touch pad that could be tapped to switch the pad on and off.  That was so much easier than daily disabling through the Control Panel.  Do you suppose HP will listen if I send them a technical suggestion?

The lost paragraph was about the experience of attending the district convention where we caucused, but did not resort to violence or chair tossing.  Those were bolted to the floor.  My friend, Julia, shown below selling her candidacy, was elected as one of our 4 district delegates to the national convention in July.  I will be raptly watching the convention floor to look for our local star.  We were treated to a visit from Deborah Ross, who has an excellent chance to unseat incumbent Richard Burr from the U.S. Senate, and I made sure to get a picture with her.  Next stop:  the state convention in Raleigh on June 11th.  Big doin’s for the only delegate from the Canada precinct!

Here on the mountain, the month of May was not as hot as last year, but much drier than either of the last 2 years.  The average low temperature was 54.4 (2015 = 55.1, 2014 = 54.4); the average high was 74.5 (2015 = 80.4, 2014 = 77.4); and the total rainfall was only 2.35″ (2015 = 3.81″, 2014 = 5.98″).   We have had some nice sunsets, shared below along with a few other pictures captured while enjoying myself in town and at the newly reconfigured lounge at the Lake Club.  Enjoy.


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